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It has been an awful long time since we have had a family fun night, I have been reminded of this by my children.  A lot.  So, I decided this was the week to start!  Only I decided this at about 3:00 yesterday afternoon.  Given the limited time to plan and limited “stuff”, since all of my fun stuff is still hiding away in the boxes that haven’t been unpacked in the garage, I decided on a simple Pajama Party.  We all came to dinner in our PJs and had breakfast for dinner – chocolate chip pancakes!  What Pajama Party would be complete without a pillow fight?

Pillow fight 1Pillow fight 2Pillow fight 3 Pillow fight 4

You’ll notice Noah is quite serious about his pillow-fighting.

After the pillowfight, we curled up with our blankets and pillows and watched a movie, with popcorn of course!


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It was Blindfold Night!  The kids wore blindfolds throughout dinner.  (The adults got a pass to help out where needed.)  The kids were silly and we had lots of fun, but it also provided an opportunity to talk about people with “different abilities” and the obstacles they overcome.  It also was a good chance to be thankful for things we take for granted, like our sight! 

Alden was a sport, but tended to cheat!

Alden was a sport, but tended to cheat!

After dinner, I gave each of the kids, still blindfolded, some paper and a pen and instructed them to draw a picture.  I had them draw a scene with a house, a person by the house, a cat, a dog, the sun, clouds, etc.

The artwork!

The artwork!

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Everything’s all messed up!!  This week, I’ll admit, I didn’t put a lot of thought or effort into planning our Family Fun Night.  We are going out of town tomorrow so our normal night didn’t work out and I just didn’t get around to planning something until today at, gasp, 5:00pm.  So, I stole borrowed from the creative genius of Heather Whittaker’s Backwards Night and threw together a crazy messed up meal!  The table was set with all the dishes upside down, the chairs were all backwards, we drank “7-downs” and, of course, we ate dessert first!

Upside-down cupcakes

A 7-“down”

Toria digging into dessert first

Alden taking his sweet time

Noah, in the spirit of the evening, ate his upside-down

We didn’t have any backwards, upside-down, inside-out or otherwise activities planned, so we just went outside and had an impromptu waterfight, because, well, you just can’t go wrong with one of those!

It took Alden a little while to get what he was supposed to do with the water bottle.  Guess he was thirsty!

Man down!  Man down! Noah took full advantage! The happy, drippy bunch

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Tonight’s theme, thanks to some cute little coconut cups I found, was a Luau! We ate Hawaiian chicken, fruit and cheese kabobs, drank some fun little fruity drinks out of our special glasses, and had lots and lots of pineapple. There were chocolate covered coconut macaroons for dessert. After dinner??? We made a volcano! Then had some crazy luau fun with some hula dancing and, of course, the limbo.

The making of a volcano:

Mount Dyer erupts!

Toria dancing the hula:

Daddy’s turn to limbo!

The kids thought it was really funny to lower the bar in the middle of daddy’s turn!

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For a long time now, we have tried to to have one night a week set aside for “Family Night.” This most often happens on Friday night and has generally been a movie night. Lately, it is getting harder and harder to find a movie that we haven’t already seen, so I decided this week to change things up a bit. Now this, like most all my brilliant ideas, was not an original thought. A blog I frequently read, Whittaker Woman, posts often about the family nights she plans, and though I can only dream of being as creative as she is, I did my darndest. So here are some pics from our first ever (named by Toria) Super Duper Family Fun Night: Everything Art

We started with Pizza Palettes.

Our centerpiece, made earlier in the day by the kids and I:

We had “Mushrooms” and Ants on a Log for our veggies:

And what could be more artsy than Sushi?

Although we ate ours for dessert and they consisted not of fish, but of Rice Krispie Treats!

The table was covered in paper and crayons so that we could all demonstrate our own artistic abilities anywhere we wished on the table. After dinner, we tried some bubble art, but unfortunately, it didn’t turn out near as well as I’d hoped. Even though the project was a total flop, it was still fun watching the kids trying their hardest to blow a bunch of bubbles through a straw!

All in all, it was a pretty fun night and by the time it was done, my creative juices were flowing and I’ve started a list of theme ideas for future nights! Stay tuned for future Super Duper Family Fun Night…

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