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It has been an awful long time since we have had a family fun night, I have been reminded of this by my children.  A lot.  So, I decided this was the week to start!  Only I decided this at about 3:00 yesterday afternoon.  Given the limited time to plan and limited “stuff”, since all of my fun stuff is still hiding away in the boxes that haven’t been unpacked in the garage, I decided on a simple Pajama Party.  We all came to dinner in our PJs and had breakfast for dinner – chocolate chip pancakes!  What Pajama Party would be complete without a pillow fight?

Pillow fight 1Pillow fight 2Pillow fight 3 Pillow fight 4

You’ll notice Noah is quite serious about his pillow-fighting.

After the pillowfight, we curled up with our blankets and pillows and watched a movie, with popcorn of course!


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