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Oh, Charlie…

So, about a month ago, we moved from our nice little townhouse to a new home that offers us much more space.  More space requires the purchase of things to fill the space, right?  One of our very first purchases was this:

CharlieMeet Charlie.  In a sponaneous moment of complete, total and utter insanity, I decided to visit the local humane society 2 days BEFORE we moved.  Oh yes.  And I fell in love.  So, like the perfectly rational and logical people that we are, we brought the dog home.  Two days BEFORE we moved.  But, not that it matters.  It isn’t like moving is stressful or anything.

The first night home, Jason comments to me, “You know, Charlie sounds an awful lot like Marley…  I should shoot him for his jinxing power.  The first few days with Charlie were awesome.  He was already fully housebroken, he crate trained in 2 nights, and he was just this mellow, yellow, ball of jello (sorry, got caught up in the rhyme) furry love who was everything I imagined the dog I picked out to be and more.  Well, by about the third day, we noticed his nose was running.  Come to find out that he had caught a case of kennel cough at the humane society.  So a trip to the vet and 10 days of antibiotics later, Mr. Mellow-Yellow turned on me.  Yesterday morning was a perfect picture of my provocational pup.  Between the hours of 6 and 8 AM, Charlie had:  chased the cat twice, barked about 82 times, tried to eat my slippers (whilst on my feet!), chewed on 3 socks, ate one red crayon, ate one blue crayon, chewed up 2 pencils, shredded 2 diapers (clean, thank you) destroyed a Peter Pan and Captain Hook book and ate Revelations, Chapter 2 out of my Bible.  By about 8:30, he was out for the count, napping by the front door, but not before puking up aforementioned red and blue crayons.  It is worth mentioning, that all of the things he chewed up were not in his reach.  He pulls them off of desks, bookshelves, counters and yes, even the top of the piano.

So, Charlie and I attended our first obedience class last night.  He did so well.  Faker.  So far this morning, he has barked another 82 times, chased the cat twice, ran off with Alden’s shoes, stole 4 socks, and has chewed on a hanger, another pencil, a Diet Dr. Pepper case from the recycling, and attempted the previous day’s book destruction on Ten Apples Up on Top!  Is it naptime yet?  Gotta go.  Charlie is at the door, barking at a leaf…


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